Marshall County Schools is an equal opportunity provider and employer.





































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             401 Tiger Blvd. Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091  

                  (931)359-7149     fax (931)359-8669



April 23 through April 27– 2nd grade TnReady testing

April 30 through May 4– 3rd grade TnReady testing

May 4– 2nd grade field trip to Henry Horton

May 8– National Teacher Day

May 11– Field Day

May 14– Field Trip to Hands on Science Center for these 3rd grade classes: Rankin, Lentz, Darnell, Stokes, Gipson, Rosenbalm

May 15– Awards Day, 8:30-2nd grade, 9:30-3rd grade

May 16– Field trip to Hands on Science Center for these 3rd grade classes: Avent, Bahde, Morgan, Peaster, Barron, Bailey

May 18– abbreviated day; Mrs. Raffo and Mr. Campbell are presenting a play that morning


















615-298-6636 –hotline

888-868-5777 –toll free (thanks to Sonic)



                 CUB CASH CALENDAR

Friday, May 4– hat day, $10

Friday, May 11– Rec Center day, $50

Every Friday– freeze pop and/or popcorn for $10.00 cub cash

Every Tuesday– cub cash store




   We are TnReady READY!!



Press Release

Marshall County School System has entered into an agreement with Interquest Detection Canines, Inc., to provide trained detection canines to conduct random

unannounced inspections of all campus locations in the county.

The canines are trained to detect the presence of illicit drugs, prescription pills, alcohol, and firearms. Campus buildings, parking lots, and grounds will be randomly inspected for prohibited items. If detected and found, the county will initiate the appropriate disciplinary action.

The canines are non-aggressive and they are trained to discriminate specific “scents” of contraband items.

With the recent publicity concerning the dramatic increase in teenage drug use and shootings, the county is taking every reasonable precaution to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all concerned.