Behavior Rubric


Great Day

Move Clip/


Move Clip/

No Recess

Move Clip/ Parent Contact

Move Clip/ Office


Student followed directions/rules. Student did not need any corrective measures.

Student followed most directions/rules. Student needed 1 corrective measure.

Student needed 2 corrective measures for not following directions and rules.

Student followed few directions/rules and needed 3-4 corrective measures.

Student did not follow directions/rules. Student needed 5+ corrective measures.


Student paid attention in class and stayed on task.

Student needed redirection during class instruction once.

Student needed redirection multiple times during class instruction.

Student “wandered” physically/mentally and instructions sometimes needed to be repeated.

Student did not pay attention at all in class. Instructions needed to be repeated frequently.


Student got along well with others and was congenial. Student followed directions and did not disrupt class.

Student made a conscious effort to avoid being disruptive.

Student had difficulty getting along with others.

Student was sometimes loud and disruptive. Student may have been defensive or argumentative.

Student did not get along with others. Student was argumentative and/or defensive.

Student was loud and disruptive.


Student’s work ethic was exemplary. Student put in extra effort to do well.

Student’s work/effort was reflective of his/her abilities and effort.

Student’s work/effort was inconsistent and did not reflect his/her abilities.

Students tried to find ways to get around doing assigned work.

Student did not put forth quality effort and made many excuses.